Bob Matthys duck hunting

Bob Matthys in the field

Bob Matthys was born and raised in Northwest Missouri. He grew up hunting and fishing on his grandparents farm and the Platte River. When he wasn’t hunting or fishing he spent a lot of time at his other grandparents, romping around in their salvage yard. This set up the foundation for his hobbies of hunting, fishing, demolition derby and dirt track racing, although due to a back injury he had to give up his 18 year obsession of crashing cars.

Bob also owns an excavating company that specializes in installing waste water treatment systems (septic systems). Excavating in Missouri winters leaves some free time on your hands, so Bob spends a lot of the winter months hunting.

Bob got the opportunity to go duck hunting a few years ago and found his new favorite hobby — he was hooked. Not only has it become a passion of Bob’s, but the whole family. His two children and his wife Pam have all gotten involved in hunting. Family time as they knew it has definitely changed.

Bob currently is pro-staff for Mossy Oak.

Bob spends a lot of time doing promotional activities for the companies that support him and Team Duck’n Krazy. Without them, getting “all fowled up” would not be near as much fun. Thank you for all your support.

Bob is a current member of United Prairie Foundation and Kansas City Hunting Retriever Club.