Xtreme Field Fowler Sled & Accessories

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Xtreme Field Fowler Sled Combo


Price: $499.00

Includes: Sled, Pack Kit, UMHW Kit & Rope

Sled: 36”x63”x14”

Pack Kit: Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades in 500 Denier, Cordura Nylon


Utility Sled

Sled 1 Price: $149.00

Includes: Sled only 36”x63”x14”

Product #: DKO-SS3X5

Xtreme Utility Sled

Price: $229.00

Includes: Sled 36”x63”x14”, UMHW Kit & Rope

Product #: DKO-XSS3X5


Sled 2

Sled Pack Kit, Standard

Price: $329.00

Includes: 36”x60”x43” Pack Kit in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Product #: DKO-PS3660MOSGB

Sled Pack Kit, Large

Price: $349.00

Includes: 38”x75”x43” Pack Kit in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Product #: DKO-PS3875MOSGB


Price: $49.00

Includes: 11 Gauge, 1” Square Tubing, 2” Ball Hitch

Fits Utility Sled DKO-SS3X5

Product #: DKO-SH2